A classic homeopath chooses the most suitable remedy for the patient on the basis of an interview (the consultation) and observations. To do this (s)he needs all sorts of information. At the consultation the patient’s physical, emotional and mental issues are discussed, and the homeopath will also want to know about various aspects of the patient’s everyday life. For instance their living environment, food habits, sleep, reactions to weather and temperature, and also their relationships, hopes and fears, and their family’s state of health. The first appointment may last as long as two hours.

After the first consultation it is important that the patient attends follow-up sessions as necessary. Follow-up sessions are essential for the homeopath to monitor progress and when needed to change the remedy in accordance with the patient’s current state and reactions to treatment. Everything discussed during the consultations is confidential.

A classical homeopath will choose the remedy that corresponds to the person’s situation as a whole. The smallest possible dose will be used and only one remedy given at a time. Homeopathic remedies can safely be used by children and pregnant women and alongside conventional medication.