Homeopathy treats the whole person -the sum total of that person’s physical, mental and emotional states- rather than focusing purely on the disease or the symptoms. Treatment is always individualized. The symptoms are regarded not as the cause of the presenting problem, but as a sign that something is not right, that something is out of balance. The aim of homeopathic treatment is to return the body from a disturbed to a balanced state so that health is restored. Homeopathy supports the body’s own healing powers.

At the consultation the homeopath chooses a remedy that fits the person’s situation individually. This remedy boosts the body’s defense mechanisms, thus launching a healing process, which leads to a gradual disappearance of the symptoms. Because each person is considered as an unique individual, people that come with a similar disease may end up receiving different remedies. In homeopathy what is of prime importance is not the name of the ailment, but the person’s subjective reaction to the condition (s)he is experiencing.