Homeopathic remedies

images3Homeopathic remedies

Most homeopathic remedies originate from plants, minerals and the animal kingdom. The remedies are manufactured by a precise protocol which includes dilution and succession (shaking). The doctor and chemist Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843 ) realized that many of the substances used in the medical practices of his day were actually highly toxic, which made dosage very difficult. As a chemist he started to study the medicinal effect achieved  by diluting them,  later adding a vigorous succusion to his procedure. In doing this he observed that the more he diluted a substance, the more effective it seemed to become. Hahnemann called the process ’potentization’.

The potency tells the strength of a remedy. The higher the potency figure, the more the substance has been diluted and succussed. On a molecular level  in very high potencies there is no trace of the original substance left. Each remedy is prepared from just one single original substance.

All remedies have been tested on healthy human volunteers. In a healthy person a remedy in a large dose will temporarily cause symptoms that will be cured by a minute dose when they are present in a sick person. There are more than three thousand homeopathic remedies available and new ones are being tested in well-documented tests around the world continuously.

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